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Texas Cowpuncher Part 2


Vaquero Series DVD #9:  The Texas Cowpuncher Part 2

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The Texas Cowpuncher comes in many forms, born by the chunk of country he calls home. Down in Gulf country, Cowboys on horseback can get ornery crossbred Brahmas to do most anything, even swimming the Intercoastal Waterway to winter grazing grounds. Further inland, they rely on their dogs “to bay up” the cattle in the swamps and woodlands, and watch out for the occasional alligator. In the brush country, cattle hide in thorny mesquite thickets, but fearless Brush Poppers charge right in after them. And in West Texas, branding takes weeks as Punchers move from camp to camp with the wagon and a hunded-horse remuda. The day begins before sunup and doesn’t finish until two gathers and two brandings are done. In this country, there’s a code of conduct, and breaking it has “consequences”