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Bob Fudge


Jim Russell

Bob Fudge lived in the American West of the late 1800 and early 1900's. This is the fascinating account of the era that anyone with an interest in cowboy life and historical times of the Old American West will treasure and read again and again. Stories of life with Indians, stampeding cattle herds, round ups and cowboys caring for their cattle as they trail them from Texas to the lush grasses of Montana territory along the Yellowstone range. There's nail biting excitement and danger around every bend, real true stories with lives lost. Cold, lonely winters and wildfires burning up the ground. Wild, unbroken stallions and crossing flooded rivers. These things were all part of a cowboy's life in the Real Wild West. Bob Fudge and the others who drove these herds helped settle the northern states. They lived a true cowboy life and enjoyed every minute to the fullest.

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