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More Than a Horseman

Tom Dorrance
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- More Than a Horseman is a collection of essays and stories, which not only reflect the admiration and respect for Tom Dorrance, but also give clues and direction to the many people who really want to develop their horsemanship skills. You will find knowledgeable horse people from many disciplines and a wide variety of experience sharing their Ďahaí moments. Talking about how, despite many a struggle, with Tomsí guidance and with their own practice and determination, they could make incredible breakthroughs in understanding and communication with the horse. Tom was very protective of his work, his way with horses. This was not from a selfish point of view. He wanted a person to get it right. He didnít want the horse to suffer because of any misunderstanding and so he tried to help anyone he could and he would encourage you to observe and compare. If you were prepared to work at things he was always there for you.